January 31, 2008

it's good to be a girl bachelorette day

Do you want to know one good reason to wait until you are in your 30's to get married? Your friends won't force you to do embarrassing bachelorette party rituals.

Make the bachelorette more than just a night out. Make it a whole weekend full of reasons it's good to be a girl!

Need some hints: spa treatments, chocolate, champagne, hotel slumber party, a private cardio strip fit class (just because you're in your 30's doesn't mean you can't shake it) and did I mention chocolate?

Don't forget the fishnets and feathers!

Carnation Cocktails. So chic!

Give your flowers the star treatment with vases wrapped in scrapbook paper, fishnet stockings, feathers and costume jewelry.

Pamper your guests with favor boxes full of goodies every girl can use!

Don't limit yourself to gift wrap. The scrapbook paper aisle is a goldmine!


acaligurl said...

great posts! i found u thru hostess with the mostess.
looking forward to more of your pics and ideas!!!

amy * stem * said...

Thanks so much! Come back and see me. I'll be upgrading to a website soon!

The Miskel's said...

Hi Amy!
Thanks for contacting me!
We are still working on our website. We would love to have it up by the end of next week. We designed it ourselves using Publisher, but we too could use some professional help.
I definately would like to keep in touch and share party ideas, etc.
I will let you know when we get up and running!

Anonymous said...

OMG Pink and Black?

I am so there!

These are gorgeous!

Pearls Of Wisdom, LLC said...

I am so 'LOVING' the unique
take on the DECOR!!

PINK & BLACK ... "clutch your Pearls*-- can it get any better!

Here's my RSVP... {like Terrica, 'I am so there'}