April 3, 2009

Happy Friday!

Hello blog peoples!

Getting ready for big fundraiser for my charity, Operation Shower, this weekend so the week's been a busy one. Exciting though!
Hope to get some good pictures for you for next week. The space is a hip lounge though with some serious mood lighting. (BONUS: Low light makes you look pretty and not exhausted, right?) Photos are not my forte and our professional couldn' t make it, so we'll see what we get.

I may not have been here this week much but I'm thinking of you! Have a great weekend. And, if you're in St. Louis, it's not too late to come out and join us. See the invite link above and come play. Just make sure and come say hello to me!

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Chris @ Celebrations At Home said...

Very Excited for you! Have a great time and hope you raise lots of money to help those military families!